I have lived in the southeastern U.S., Savannah, Georgia to be specific, my entire life and have spent most of it in the outdoors one way or another. In retrospect, I had an appreciation for nature from a very young age. Living in a beautiful city such as Savannah, with the infinite oaks and salt marshes, my appreciation and wonder for nature was instilled as a young boy and is still with me to this day.

Many years ago I took an introduction to photography class as an elective in college. Selected more for an easy "A" than any actual fascination with photography, I became fascinated in not only the development of film in a darkroom (this was MANY years before digital photography), but also with how powerful and emotive photography can actually be from simply capturing a single moment in time, regardless of subject matter. Selecting this photography elective out of complete ignorance on several levels (especially the easy "A" part) has resulted in a lifelong love for photography and form of expression for me.

I purchased a Nikon 35mm film SLR soon after college but after several years became somewhat disenchanted with photography as I had no access to a darkroom to do what I had learned in college in regards to the development of film, dodging and burning etc., and simply couldn't get results I was happy with by just dropping off rolls of film at a camera store in the mall.

As time went by, I kept my eye on the introduction and improvements of digital photography and the unlimited possibilities digital photography seemed to present. Then, several years back, my wife purchased two plane tickets to Ireland as a Christmas present. That was it. That was the catalyst I needed to dive back into photography. I was going all in as digital photography had made huge leaps by that point to include editing software. With the purchase of an intro Nikon dSLR, ultra wide angle lens, iMac, and Photoshop, I was all set and headed to Dublin. I haven't looked back and with the current tools available to photographers today and a little elbow grease, I've been able to achieve things I never dreamt I would be able to achieve. That intro Nikon dSLR is long gone, replaced with a full frame, "professional" camera that never ceases to amaze me.

I'm often asked what I think of the current state/impact of photography today as photography is now accessible literally to anybody with a cell phone. Further, everybody owning a computer these days has the ability for editing images at some level. This has obviously resulted in infinite images on the web which of course makes it more difficult to find the true artistic/professional images out there. However, with the world changing so drastically since I began photography, moving at the rapid pace it moves at as well as becoming a world without borders more and more, I feel this has actually increased the emphasis and importance of photography as if you allow it, it will slow you down and make you focus on and see things you might simply pass by while trying to keep up with daily life in this world we live in today. It still amazes me that I can post an image of mine somewhere and that anybody in the furthest corner of the world with an internet connection can review my work and comment on it.

My attempt at photography, while leaning heavily towards landscape and minimalism, is continually evolving to include other subject matter. It is my goal for this site to reflect this continual evolvement.

Thank you all for stopping by. I hope you see something that moves you.


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