I've discovered the work of quite a few photographers I admire from links shared by other photographers on their sites. I've included a few links here for some photographers whose work has been a source of inspiration for me.  Not all of the photographers here are landscape photographers.  In addition to landscape, you'll find minimalist, architectural, staged, portraiture, travel, and even commercial. Take a look if you have some time, I guarantee you'll not only see some amazing work, but maybe something that will inspire you....

Michael Levin

Marsel Van Oosten

Nate Zeman

Alexandre Deschaumes

Chris Moore

Jens Fersterra

Addam Soule

Troy Paiva

Dan Winters

Chuck Kimmerle

Jim Richardson

Steve McCurry

Moises Levy

Mac Oller

Josef Hoflehner

Loscar Numael

Xavier Jamonet

Sean Bagshaw

Steve Perry

Michael Anderson

Floris Van Breugel

Mark VanDyke

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